Faction Fashion: Abnegation

In honor of the 1-week anniversary of Divergent‘s theatre release, here are some real-life style ideas to show your faction pride!

Most (besides the Free People) of these examples are from high end fashion shows.  These are just to give you an idea of how high fashion and costume designs coexist and directly affect one another.  This past Paris Fashion Week for RTW, Michael Kors was one of the designers who used heavy fabrics, loose silhouettes and dark colors.  Very abnegation of him and his design team. 🙂

Abnegation Style:  Clothing is all grey and simple. The only adornment allowed is a watch. Female Abnegation typically wear their hair in a bun/knot. Men cut their hair short.

Costume Designs by Carlo Poggioli.


Costume Concept Sketch



I found this dress’ silhouette and texture to be “Abnegation” esque, but if it were warmer colors would be perfect for Amity. You can actually purchase this dress if you click the pic!


Marc Jacob’s has a lot of Abnegation style pieces, especially back in the day.


Another throwback from Marc Jacobs from 2006. Loving the wrapped scarf around the head.

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 9.14.20 PM

Free People is one of the vendors I thought of when I saw Tris’ dress for the first time. You can purchase the dress if you click!

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 9.13.43 PM

Another Free People dress that works for today and Abnegation


2013 Alexander Wang ensemble with a great knot detail and high neckline.


Burberry a la 2009… all on point.


If Abs could wear pants. 🙂 Thanks, Mr. Wang!


The Row is a PERFECT line to find costume inspiration.


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