Prom Khaleesi

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Daenerys Targaryen. Mother of Dragons. Khaleesi.  Silver Lady.  Level 100 Badass.

Call her what you want, but there’s no denying the possible ruler of the Iron Throne has got some mad fashion.  Costume designer Michele Clapton has created a wardrobe for Dany (played by the lovely Emilia Clarke) that would make even the modern day girl jealous. If I were high school when Game of Thrones was on, I would have used every opportunity to channel my inner Khaleesi.

Prom is coming up for you junior and senior ladies, and what better time to show what a queen you are then prom?

Leave high school with a bang.  Leave them wishing they were nice to you all this time!  Forget being voted prom queen; you are your own Khaleesi! And here’s a few ideas on how to show it…

But first, check out some of my inspirations for this post!


Ignore the handsome Jon Snow for a second and admire Dany’s gorgeous cream pleated skirt, royal blue top, with stunning gold details that act like armor.


The gold shoulder wings reflect her destiny as the Mother of Dragons. Blue enhances her silver hair and grey eyes. It’s also important to have a dress with an empire waist.


Khaleesi’s wedding dress in a dusty, off-lavender in a flowing shape and silver ties. Gorgeous.


Now THIS is what a warrior princess looks like! Stunning all around.

Now let’s move on to the real-life prom looks.

NOTE: For the designer pieces, I won’t be including a link to shop it!


Grecian styled dresses will always be in when it comes to prom. Try it in a mint green, or a deeper color and accessorize with gold/bronze.


For prom, try a feminine lavender dress with lots of movement, then add some gold details like a belt or jewelry.


Forget plunging necklines- rule the school with a high neckline. It’s regal, unique, and incredibly royal.


David’s Bridal prom dress that has a Dany vibe to it… beautiful! Accessories with large gold bangles and strappy heels.


Another very similar DB dress but in a more intense blue and silver details. Wear delicate silver jewelry and shoes. This dress comes in plus size as well.


Jovani evening dress with Dany-like details. No need to accessorize too much on this one.


Jovani dress in light pink. So far, Dany hasn’t worn any pink, but the jeweled bodice is very Khaleesi.


Jovani long-sleeve dress with a gold waistband and shoulder caps… how very dragon of them!


I would have definitely worn this Jovani prom dress. Gorgeous gold beading and light purple chiffon. I’d find a bangle that mimics the gold design to tie it all together.


This is a lovely color and fit. I might add the chiffon to the shoulders and beaded bands on the arms to add more of the Khaleesi look.


V-neck dress. This dress has some pretty good reviews on the site you can buy it from, but I’m not sure how great it will look with the flash photography at prom!




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