Clary Fray, Before Wardrobe #1

Clary Fray, Before Wardrobe #1
This is another first look of Clary.  She is a girl who loves layering, especially since she can get hot from walking around the city and going from indoors to out.  She is not a sneakers girl, and prefers boots or high top Converse if she has to wear semi-athletic wear.  Her staple bottoms are boyfriend jeans from thrift stores.  The denim shirt is not necessarily stolen from Simon, but it is oversized and meant for comfort, not looks.  Clary’s choice of the tangerine orange tank top contrasts with her later outfits, that only include black leather– it definitely has a wide-eyed innocence to it, which is somewhat diminished once she goes through what she does by the end of the book.

Mink Pink red top
$41 –

Boyfriend jeans

Superdry brown boots
$135 –


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