Costume Concept: Twilight, Bella Swan

ImageImageWhen Bella first gets to Forks, she’s still wearing clothes that she wore in Arizona, just with jackets and longer sleeves.  Because she’s prone to accidents, she doesn’t fuss with dresses or skirts–anything that can be lifted up or tripped over. She also prefers Vans over Converse in my mind, for whatever reason.  Possibly because they aren’t as “clown” like and are easier to walk in.  Bella isn’t totally comfortable in her figure so she tries to hide it by wearing looser tops and blouses.  For the first time since Arizona, she feels relief that there’s an excuse to cover up.  Bella only has about four jackets that she rotates–two from her mom, and two from her dad– and they are all within a brown/blue color palette. Bella also has a bit of an obsession with jewelry, like bracelets and rings.  While she isn’t aware of it in the first half of the book, Bella is foreshadowing her own future with wolves and moons charms.  The idea of the wolf bracelet is that her dad sent it to her as a gift–he got help from Billy Black with the purchase, and Bella really loves it.  The other bracelets she bought on her own and they both have their own dark charms which Bella was drawn to.  The hardware on her jackets and jewelry always tie in together, though it isn’t necessarily intentional. To me, Bella isn’t a fashion-forward girl, though she isn’t completely clueless when it comes to dressing.  She is aware of colors and what works together, but she never compromises comfort for looks; Bella’s the kind of girl who knows what works for her and she sticks with it.


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