Profile: Wendy Partridge


Wendy Partridge is the costumer designer for many of the those badass blockbuster comic/videogame flicks like Hellboy, Marvel’s Thor 2: The Dark World, Silent HillResident Evil: Retribution, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Legion, Fantastic Four, and Pompeii.  Her costumes help bring the fantasy worlds to life! And think of all the eyes that have seen her work!  I got the chance to see some of her work at the FIDM museum in Downtown LA where they were featuring the Costume Design Guild of America’s film achievements from this past year. Her work is all about detail and being other-worldly.

She was born in 1954 and studied at the Center For Advanced Film Studies, American Film Institute until 1976.

She’s worked with some of the hottest (and I mean that, she worked with KIT HARRINGTON and TOM HIDDLESTON) actors and directors in film and TV.  She must have a way with fabrics that can move for the actors, but also look great on screen, and reflect the times.  Master at what she does!




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