‘The Other Woman’ Costumes

On Tuesday I made a solo trip to the movie theatre and saw the sisters-before-misters comedy, The Other Woman, regardless of what pretentious movie critics and goers have to say, I was thoroughly entertained. Sure, it was a predictable comedy, but it was nice to see women banding together instead of going at each other.  Even when they were trying to be mean they apologized or said nice things that were just turned into mean things (if that  makes any sense).

Of course, the film being set in New York City and involving mostly women, legendary costume designer Patricia Field of the Sex and the City fame was involved.  She had help, of course, from loyal assistants Jacqueline Oknaian and Paolo Nieddu who have worked with her on all her past projects.

Check out Fabsugar’s interview with Ms. Field about the film and what it was like to dress Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and Kate Upton!


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