Save Theon

My friends know that I am a huge Theon Greyjoy fan.  I’m one of those people who ends up rooting for the severely faulted-but innocent characters like Sansa Stark and Theon because I can see the human in them– they’re vulnerable, irrational, and impulsive–and maybe I like them because I hope that they prove everyone wrong.  Conflicted people who make mistakes with good intentions get me right in the heartstrings.

Anyway, my friends make fun of me for my weird thing with Theon (played by the brilliant Alfie Allen, whom I love equally) and I threatened to create a “Save Theon” shirt to show my support. After last night’s episode, I felt it was time to follow through with my threat.  Here it is.

TheonPlease don’t steal the design!!!! If you want, you can make it for me and send it to me, that would be nice. Us Theon supports must stick together and support one another too!  So again, don’t steal–credit!

Fangirl x



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