How I’d Style: Kendall and Kylie Jenner


Kylie (in blue) and Kendall Jenner

Say what you want about the youngest of the Jenner/Kardashian clan, but these girls got style (or a really great stylist).  While they dress a bit more mature than their 18 and 17 year old peers, Kendall and Kylie sure know how to steal the show.  Their gorgeous locks, big brown eyes, and perfectly tanned skin are just the icing on the cake for their looks.  Whether or not their beauty and attractiveness comes from God or from a doctor’s needle, it’s safe to say these girls know how to work what they’ve got.  I love how they always highlight their curves (Kylie, the one with the blue hair) or gams (Kendall, the one without the blue hair).  Famous family genes aside, the Jenner sisters do have a great style that is very much a reflection of the times.  When we are old, our daughters will look to them as fashion icons the way girls our age look at Kate Moss, Bianca Jagger, Audrey Hepburn, etc as theirs.

To highlight their very womanly figures, I would put Kendall in a sleek black Donna Mizani dress with mesh cutouts for some flirty fun. The dress would lengthen her runway model body and make her more statuesque. More importantly (to me), I like that the dress shows age-appropriate amount of skin, but could still be worn by a grown woman on a night out and be considered “sexy”. Get the dress here.

For Kylie, I want to, again, put her in something more age-appropriate, but still celebrate the body she has.  The second Donna Mizani dress is body-hugging, but again leaves enough to the imagination.  A mesh cutout is a safe way for a 17  year old to show skin but not give off the wrong impression to creepsters.  The back of the dress also has a mesh cutout, and the wrap-around style of the bodice is flattering, highlighting Kylie’s waist nicely. Kylie’s style is much more rock n’ roll than her soon-to-be-supermodel sister, so I imagine a pair of fun leather heels would be a great way to finish the look. You can shop the dress here.



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