Miley Cyrus Costume Idea

Miley BangerzI’ve been seeing an increase of photos from Miley Cyrus’ current Bangerz world tour, and am really impressed by the strangeness and creativity of it.  It’s like Katy Perry’s show but on acid… and that’s saying something.  (Apparently Miley makes her grand entrance on a giant slide-version of her infamous tongue!)  Even though the girl is cray-cray, she’s cray-cray in a way that I would love to work with her.  There really is nothing too weird or shocking for the 21 year old, and I love that.  I think Miley would look really awesome in this Love This Sunday hamburger swimsuit. It being a costume for Miley, she would just wear the suit alone with some Jeffrey Campbell Nirvana shoes, some gold jewelry from Only Child and Vauble Designs.  Maybe she can perform in a giant pit of foam french fries!  How psycho would that be?!?! 😀

Background design by pastelomg on Instagram.  Sticker cutouts from Miley’s tour book!



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