People Tell Me I Have I Weird Taste In Men

I like to think of myself as one of those girls who has a specific type of guy she likes–whether he’s the jock, or the rocker, or the pretty boy–I always wanted to be known for having a type, mostly so that when my taken-friends meet someone who fits the bill, they immediately think of me and plan a blind date (what are married friends for?).

So far, I’ve learned that my type, according those who know me, means “has great hair.” I like hair. I love guys who have curly hair, or long hair, or messy hair, red hair, blonde hair, brown hair… I especially love the brown curly, or the red wavy hair. Some girls think I’m weird because I like gingers/red heads, but I think a lot of them are hot and definitely unique. I do love the typical jock/All-American look as well, but I have noticed that when a guy in a leather jacket and nice pants walks by, my friends always wink at me.

I’ve decided to put together a collage of a VERY small few of the celebrity guys I would jump into bed with. I didn’t include anybody who is married. I also didn’t include athletes because athletes never have good photos up for grabs on Google image search (Drew Doughty, Alec Martinez, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, etc). And just by coincidence, I didn’t put anyone of color. I promise to the old gods and new that I like men of all color (ahem, Godfrey Gao, Drake, Chris Paul, Dev Patel, and I do think Blake Griffin is cute… don’t judge me!!!)


My top choices

TO THE POINT, here’s the pic. Please tell me what YOU thin is my type. Is there a personality trend you see here (based on what you know of them)? Is there a certain type of face shape? Body? Style? I’m curious to know what outside eyes think!


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