‘Fangirl’ Fantasy Cast!

Yes, it was going to happen. I will now officially be that weirdo who posts fantasy casting posts like I am a GD casting director. Why not, right?

Before you look at the cast, you can read a synopsis of the book here

Now, below is a photo list of my dream cast. Most the actors I imagined while I reading the book (by Rainbow Rowell), but a few I chose for strategic and hypothetical marketing reasons. Fangirl Cast

Cath/Wren Originally, I envisioned twin actresses, Kathryn and Megan Prescott (of Skins fame), as Cath and Wren, but felt that they may not want to be a part of another project where they play twins who are polar opposites (though, if you’ve read the book, you’d know that Cath and Wren have one major interest in common before college tears them apart). I know that if this novel were to be made into a film, they would have to find an actress who could play both parts convincingly, and I believe Emma Watson could. She’s a pretty big name, so it would be very difficult to get her to do another young adult-novel-to-picture, but I think she could pull of Wren’s hot, party animal nature (like in The Bling Ring) and having a pixie cut (The Perks of Being a Wallflower). She could also play the introverted, cardigan-wearing, plain Cath. Emma looks great with no makeup, as well with cakes of it, one of the major differences between Cath and Wren. The only issue: her accent. While Emma’s accent was good enough in her recent films after Harry Potter, I could still hear a few slips which would definitely need to be fixed if she were to play a Nebraska-native.

Reagan Reagan is a fierce, confident red-head with chronic bitch face. I immediately imagined Jane Levy from Suburgatory. She has a maturity about her that is beyond her 20-something years. Also, she’s gorgeous.

Levi Out of all the characters, I could see Levi being a fan-favorite. Jamie Campbell Bower has already caused a frenzy when he was cast as lion-like golden-eyed hottie Jace from the The Mortal Instruments series, but actually looking back, he fit the description of Jace, outside of being a bit on the lanky side. He’s a great actor with a STUNNING smile, and one of the physical features Cath always notices in the book is how easy it is for Levi to smile so big. Jamie is naturally one of those people who always appears happy. He has a very similar receding hairline to Levi, and unlike The Mortal Instruments he played, Levi is actually very physically similar to Jamie’s natural body type. He would also have to perfect a Nebraska-farm boy accent, but I believe he could do it!

Nick I feel very bad for hypothetically casting Dave Franco as the token asshole of the film because that’s all he seems to play these days, but hey, he does it well and still manages to be attractive. Nick is a smart, typical English major guy with big eyebrows. Another great actor for Nick is Max Minghella. Either guy would be great for the role, I just thought Dave fit the stereotypical English major look a bit more.

Arthur From the get go, I saw Greg Kinnear playing Cath and Wren’s manic father with good intentions. I think Kinnear is a great actor who can pull of vulnerable and broken while being endearing (at least to me).

Professor Piper Professor Piper is Cath’s creative writing prof who sees a lot potential in Cath, but doesn’t like fan-fiction. She is described as being brunette with a streak of white hair and very petite. I immediately imagined Viola Davis because she has that professor, wise, I-would-listen-to-anything-she-had-to-say kind of demeanor, but when talking with my friends, we decided “petite” needed to be fulfilled. We chose to make Professor Piper a cool, non-traditional college professor, a sort of hippie with a bit of attitude–hence, Jada Pinkett Smith. How cool would it be to see JPS in a a role she hasn’t played before?

Simon Snow is the Harry Potter-inspired book that Cath and Wren based all their fan fiction on, and in several parts of the book, they are watching the fake movie, which means fake scenes from an fake epic movie. I think it would be really cool to have the actors in the Fangirl play the actors in the Simon Snow movie clips… ie Emma as the Hermione in Simon Snow, Jamie as the Simon Snow or Baz… you get the picture.

So there you go! These are the lovely faces I saw bringing Rainbow Rowell’s characters to life on the big screen! Who do you imagine as these characters?

Thanks for reading!

Fangirl Fashion Man Crush

Seriously, why can’t more guys dress like Jamie Campbell Bower? And by dress like him, I mean, not like other guys. He has a great experimental style that’s very rock n’ roll. He makes suits and Burberry (which he is a model for) jackets look edgy.

Gosh he’s hot.