What is Partisan Fille Mode?

According to Google translator, “partisan fille mode” translates to “supporter, girl, fashion,” which I have stretched to mean “fangirl fashion.”  I have absolutely no training in French, but the words sound cool together and make this seem more sophisticated than it is.

What Fangirl Fashion is- at its core- is a place for fashion lovers who happen to love pop culture as well, to see their two favorite things linked together.  Pop culture and fashion mirror one another; what’s trending on screen is often trending on the runway or streets soon after (Katniss braids, anyone?)   FGF will cover everything from high fashion to street wear to TV wardrobes to elaborate film costumes, usually finding ways to create a similar look to the costume, or rethinking what a costume could be.

Eventually, I’ll also be posting my original costume design sketches!

Follow me on Instagram @partisanfillemode 

Cheers xx


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